Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moments that make me proud

Where do you start with your list of moments that make you proud of your children?  I could probably list several items each day, thinking of  the simple things like when they help me clean to clearing the table and helping each other out.  And the list continues to include watching them perform in a school play or in choir... how worried I was that lines would be forgotten or voices unheard;  to all of their "firsts" and with our youngest, all the times she was brave while in the Hospital.  

But then my thoughts turn to our wedding day... I was soooo proud of each of them, two girls walking me down the isle and the eldest walking down the isle by herself holding the rings!  The eldest was very hesitant about walking down the isle on her own and was given the choice.  She went down the isle, on her own and with a beautiful smile... I remember saying my vows, looking down at our beautiful three girls... so proud and teary eyed at that moment!

Of course, more recently, they have made me extremely proud with their making bracelets for Sick Kids Hospital.  When I sit back and think how hesitant I was with this endeavour of theirs I shake my head at myself.... the excitement they feel with each site visit, with each sale.... Of course, at each family meeting it is the youngest who wants to volunteer for EVERY task
Never underestimate what small hands can accomplish!!!!

And then it dawns on me... in one form or another they have been helping others long before KKL Bracelets.  Over four years ago, our "red head" told me she was going to grow her hair so that she could have it cut off and donate it to Locks of Love. She was 8 years old at the time and I honestly thought by the time she grew it long enough she would have changed her mind.  Each month for over a year  we would straighten her hair after a bath and see if she had reached the minimum 10 inch requirement. 

Finally, in June 2008, she reached that requirement and off to the hairdressers we went.... proving me wrong again.... another moment that made me so proud!

And five years ago my husband asked the eldest what she would like for Christmas... her response was "To give poor kids toys"... that was her wish... 8 years old!  Dad took her to the store immediately and they went shopping!  She was so excited to bring her purchases to The Yellow Brick House.; An agency that rebuilds the lives of abused women and children  He was sooooo proud of her!

I have no idea how we ended up with 3 girls beautiful both on the inside and out... but I am so proud!

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